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Global Oncology (GO) University has partnered with Oncolex,  an encyclopedia for oncology health personnel.


Oncolex is a web-based encyclopedia for cancer diagnostics, treatment  and supportive care, where health personnel can find relevant information and continually updated information. The content is generated in collaboration with experts in each specialty area at both the Oslo University Hospital in Norway and MD Andersen in Texas, US. The procedures found under each cancer type are richly illustrated with photos, video, and animations. Oncolex is continually reviewed and updated.

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Oncolex should contribute to shrinking the gap between patient treatments among the different hospitals. Diagnostics and treatment of cancer should be carried out in line with international treatment programs and new treatments should be available for all. Oncolex offers health personnel access to updated standards and new treatment. 

Both Oslo University Hospital and MD Anderson have a tradition of taking a national role in the development of diagnostics, treatment, and supportive care within cancer. Documentation of continuously updated standards is important for development within the field. Naturally, this development is managed and documented by competence centers which are leading in each area, both in research, translational research, and treatment. However, these institutions are not responsible for the content of Oncolex. This responsibility lies with the Institute for Medical Informatics and each medical editor, as listed throughout the site.

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