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From African Renaissance Ambassador to Global Health Catalyst

The African Renaissance Ambassador (ARA) Corp was established as a 501(c) 3 nonprofit organization in 2006, recognized by the IRS  as a tax-exempt charitable organization.

ARA Corp focused on development in health and education for African populations. High impact initiatives included the ARA debates which engaged over 30 thousand secondary and high school students a and empowered many of them to become catalysts for change in their communities. Another leading program was the Sustainable Impact Microfinance (SIM) program empowering African women with micro-finance loans to start businesses to sustainably support their families healthcare needs and education for their children. Major outreach via the Sts. Stephen and Paul’s foundation, Cameroon (Outreach to the poor) also provided epileptic medication for thousands of treatments to epileptics in villages.

Meanwhile activities in the USA and Europe included the yearly support for the Global Health Catalyst summits primarily in engaging the diaspora and supporting volunteers. ARA Corp has also supported the African Leaders Council Orlando (Annual Conference) and student groups and organizations including:

*University of Central Florida African Students Organization

*University of South Florida Honors College

also catalyzing participation in internships and volunteer activities. Today, ARA Clubs continue to function in major community outreach activities impacting thousands who need health and education awareness.

After many years of service, ARA is now continuing its activities as the Global Health Catalyst, expanding its impact in building more partnerships with the diaspora, and institutions for global health impact. Cheers to all the volunteers and catalysts for change and impact

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