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The World's Premier Comprehensive Cancer Center in the Cloud (C4): ecancer4all

powered by artificial intelligence

About the C4

The C4 is the world's premier comprehensive cancer center in the cloud designed to leverage technology and artificial intelligence to dramatically increase access to cancer care, research and education. The C4 was launched as ecancer4all  during the Global Health Catalyst summit at Harvard Medical School as a  win-win collaboration approach  involving thousands of  oncology health professionals from world leading institutions and the diaspora, working with industry and governments to increase access to cancer care research and education. The award-winning collaborative approach has had major impact   with opportunity for anyone interested in global oncology to participate in any of the 4 key areas below based on 4 apps: Care, Advocacy, Research, and Education.

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  • Preventive Care, second opinion, online tumor boards, remote treatment planning and quality assurance, powered by AI in collaboration with community-based organization


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Global Health Catalyst summits funded by the USA National Institutes of Health and other outreach and advocacy with  government leaders, industry, diaspora and others 

Multi-center clinical trials and co-mentored research collaborations involving high income and low and middle income countries institutions including the Africa-Oxford-Harvard/Hopkins clinical trial network

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Continuous Education,  graduate and residency training in oncology


Fellowship Opportunities

Faculty and Research Fellow opportunities are available


GO opportunities

Global Oncology (GO) University provides opportunities for anyone interested to participate in global health

Leadership and Advisory team 


Dr Ahmed Elzawawy

Professor and chair of the  Global Health Catalyst win-win initiative

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Dr Riccardo Audisio

Professor, Surgical Oncology lead of the GHC win-win initiative. Past President of European Society of Surgical Oncology

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David Kerr.png

Dr David Kerr

Professor of Cancer Medicine,
Oxford University
Chair Africa-Oxford-Harvard-Hopkins clinical trials collaboration network.

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Dr Akila Viswanathan

Professor and Director Department of Radiation Oncology  Johns Hopkins University; Cervical Cancer project PI

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Dr Rebecca Buecker

Diaspora Radiation Oncology lead Germany

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Dr Beatrice Addai

Chief Executive Officer at Peace and Love Hospitals Ghana. Breast Care International,

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Dr Dennis Plamer

Dean, Baptist Institute of Health Sciences Cameroon. Mbingo Cancer Center project Lead

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Dr Paul Nguyen

Professor of Radiation Oncology, Harvard University
Prostate Cancer project PI


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Dr Stephen Avery

Associate Professor of Radiation Oncology. Global Health Catalyst Summit PI, University of Pennsylvania  PI


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Dr Julie Pollard-Larkin

Associate Professor at UT MD Anderson Cancer Center - Cancer Prevention, Medical Physics Course 

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Dr Nicholas Abinya

Professor of Medical Oncology, Global Health Catalyst win-win initiative lead, Kenya

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Dr  Linda Grossheim

Radiation Oncologist
Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, United States, Mbingo Cancer Center Project

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Dr Luca Incrocci

Professor of Genito-Urinary Radiotherapy, Rotterdam, South Holland, Netherlands. Hypo-Africa project lead


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Dr Nwamaka Lasebikan

Director of Oncology at University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital Enugu
President, Association of Radiation and Clinical Oncologist of Nigeria

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Dr Jonathan Schoenfeld

Associate Professor at Harvard Medical School, Global Oncology CaREER Course Lectures

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Kwanele Asante, MScMed

Mother. Lawyer. Bioethicist. Breast cancer NED. Heart Failure & Bipolar Patient
Cancer Advocate Lead

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Dr  Eduardo Cazap

Professor of Clinical Oncology
Presidente de la Sociedad LatinoAmericana y del Caribe de Oncologia Medica (SLACOM)

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Dr Scott Lovitch

Assistant Professor of Pathology at Harvard Medical School
Pathology project lead

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photo ngoma.jpg

Dr Twalib Ngoma

Professor of Clinical Oncology, MUHAS
Vice Chancellor, Global Oncology University

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Dr Wil Ngwa

Director of Global Health Catalyst and C4. PI of Global Health Catalyst summits

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Dr Omoruyi Credit Irabor

Radiation Oncology Resident at Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center & Thomas Jefferson University Hospitals.
Young Global Health Catalyst Leader

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Dr  Rohini Bhatia

Radiation Oncology Resident at Johns Hopkins Medicine.

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Dr Elsy Ngwa

Research Fellow at Boston children's Hospital-Harvard Medical School

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Dr Adedayo Joseph

Clinical Radiation Oncologist, Research Program Director, NSIA-LUTH Cancer Center, Lagos University Teaching Hospital, Lagos Nigeria 

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William Swanson

Medical Physics PhD Candidate at University of Massachusetts Lowell
Global Radiation Oncology CaREER course coordinator

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Julie Chessell, RN

Founder of Warrior Momma – International Forum for Cancer moms; Advocacy Champion,

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Gary Strichartz_SQ.jpg

Dr  Gary Strichtartz

Professor at Havard Medical School
Director of Pain Centter at Brigham and Women's Hospital. Cancer Pain Research lead

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Dr Hugo Aerts

Director, Artificial Intelligence in Medicine (AIM) @ Harvard-MGB | Professor @ MaastrichtU

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Dr Onyinye Balogun

Assistant Professor of Radiation Oncology at Weill Cornell Medicine; Research focus - Domestic & International Cancer Disparities; Capacity-Building through Medical Education

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Dr Victor Mbarika

Stallings Distinguished International Scholar and MIS professor.
President, Board of Trustees, The ICT University

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Dr Saiful Huq

Professor, Radiation Oncology and Clinical and Translational Science; Director of Medical Physics at UPMC Hillman Cancer Centers

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Dr  Sulma Mohammed

Professor at Purdue University,
Cancer Prevention 

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Harry Quon.jpeg

Dr Harry Quon

Co-Director, Head and Neck Multidisciplinary Program at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine Co-Founder, Pistevo Health

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Dr Mandar Bhagwat

Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School

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Dr Todd McNuttt

Associate Professor of Radiation Oncology Physics - Director of Clinical Informatics at The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

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Dr Kenneth Ngwa

Professor, Drew University. Director of Religion and Global Health Forum


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Dr  Rachel Phillips

Consultant Radiologist at Oxford Radcliffe Hospitals NHS Trust

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Holger Wirtz

CTO radiation-oncology, head of medical physics,Singen, Baden-Württemberg, Germany. Solar Powered Radiotherapy Lead

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Dr Brylyne Chitsunge

Elpasso Farms, South Africa
Phytomedicine Lead

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Dr Ignatius Akuma

Oberarzt Städtisches Klinikum Braunschweig gGmbH, medizinische Klinik,Telemedicine Coordinator

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