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C4 Care

  • Cancer Preventive Care:Preventive care helps detect or prevent serious diseases and medical problems before they can become major. Screenings, breast self exams, PSA tests are a few examples of preventive care. The C4 partners with community based organizations (CBOs) including diaspora organizations and churches for cancer prevention tele-health

  • Online Tumor boards and second opinion organized in collaboration with different institutions and diaspora oncology health professionals. The tumor boards also provide educational opportunity for residents in different institutions in high and low and middle income countries

  • Remote treatment planning and quality assurance in radiotherapy

Preventive CARE

Screening, tests, cancer prevention education and awareness and other cancer prevention action in collaboration with CBOs

Doctors Analyzing MRI

Online Tumor boards

In collaboration with different institutions and  working with diaspora oncology health professionals

Analyzing Scans

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