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Global Oncology (GO) University is founded on an Excellence in Education Award-winning  collaborative global health training model, and hence academic excellence is at the very core of everything at this University. Our faculty are amongst the best: from Johns Hopkins, Harvard, UPENN, Heidelberg, Oxford, retired/experienced faculty all committed to excellence and high impact in global health. 


GO University is dedicated to being the leading high impact global oncology  university in the world with education and training curricula in Radiation Oncology, Medical Physics, clinical oncology,  surgical oncology, artificial intelligence with other global health curriculum added progressively. Previous year training has covered continuous medical education for radiation oncologists, medical physicists and research education.


 GO-U courses are designed to ensure excellence and impact with continuous evaluation and needs assessment. They equip trainees with the capacity that is needed to perform with high quality, and with a global network  of  faculty and mentors from the best Institutions in the world, promote career development, harmonize training standards in global oncology, foster collaboration, and build crucial capacity needed to strengthen healthcare systems.  See the classes being offered at Global Oncology University.

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Continuous Medical Education courses

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Graduate Medical Physics

Continuous Medical Education for oncologists and medical physicists in LMIC

Continuous Medical Education is crucial for oncology health professionals. Through out the year, GO-U is at the forefront of  these courses based on needs assessment 

Please see below curricula for current offerings and register as directed 

Masters and PhD degree in Medical Physics

The graduate Degree in Medical Physics qualifies students for all medical physics specialties and prepares them for clinical residency programs, junior positions in clinical or industrial medical physics, and future board certification exams. Students will take classes online and complete practical clinical components in locally accredited partner institutions in different countries/regions. The PhD degree program can also be taken by already practicing Medical Physicists with assigned mentors from  partner institutions.






The Masters of Medicine in Clinical Oncology program will produce Oncology specialists that will cater for the shortage of qualified and competent staff in this speciality.  This program will give the prospective student the in-depth knowledge and skills needed to provide specialized and quality Oncology Care. Moreover, the graduates of this program will be able to handle academic, research, consultancy, and technical as well as administrative responsibilities at local, regional and international levels.

Some mentor sites

Harvard Medical School

University of Heidelberg 

University of Pennsylvania

Johns Hopkins University

Partner local/regional sites for practical training

Practical training will complement the already established award-winning online lecturees



Practical training



Practical training



LMIC Practical training site



Practical training


South Africa

Practical training

Clinical Oncology


Practical training



Practical Training


North Macedonia and Kosovo

Practical Training

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