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Welcome to Global Oncology University

Award-winning Collaborative Education model for Global Health

About Global Oncology University

Global Oncology University (GO-U) provides access from any country to the same world class education and training  available at the worlds best Universities and Medical Schools. GO-U empowers crucial global workforce, building on an award-winning collaborative education model with online lectures accessible from any country, and practical/clinical training in local/regional credentialed sites across the globe. GO-U is the premier University that offers both online continuous medical education in oncology disciplines  and  graduate degree (Masters, PhDs) and clinical MMed residency training in clinical oncology  with vision to eliminate global cancer health disparities. Co-mentorship involving oncology health professionals from  both high income country (HIC) and Low/Middle income country  (LMIC) institutions is also a major aspect of GO-U training with outcomes that include co-authored publications and funding to grow  win-win collaborations benefiting both HIC and LMIC institutions. At GO-U we believe global health is local health.

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Workshops and practical training

Global Health Catalyst summits 

Yearly in USA, Europe and Africa to  educate and catalyze collaborations to eliminate local and global cancer disparities

The Latest Lowdown

News & Headlines

GO University has received high praise for vision of closing the cancer divide by providing world-class education and training available at the world's best academic institutions to trainees from Low and Middle Income Countries without geographic barriers

The GO-U collaborative education model was recognized at the AAPM conference with the award for excellence in Education Innovation. The innovative  collaborative education model allows experienced professors and oncology health professionals and retirees who may only have 30 minutes to 1 hour a week to teach a class accessible to trainees from anywhere in the world. The award was presented following results showing a major improvement in skills level for radiation oncology health professionals in Africa who benefited in the pilot phase of GO-U in 2018

Funded by the University of Pennsylvania Global Education Fund (PI. Stephen Avery), the Global Health Catalyst Summit and workshop in Tanzania  was a resounding success with one outcome being increased support for GO-University. The summit/workshop also provided training to medical physicists, radiation oncologists and radiation therapists. 


Building on GO-University's 2018-2019 award-winning online learning program and popular demand, GO-University is now offering training and research on artificial intelligence (AI) for global health. 

“Education is the most powerful weapon, which you can use to change the world.”

Nelson Mandela


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